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By Michael J. Crowe

This newly revised version of Professor Crowe's obtainable and enlightening publication recreates the most dramatic advancements within the heritage of notion: the switch from an earth-centered to a sun-centered belief of the sun procedure. Written in a transparent and easy demeanour, the paintings is prepared round a hypothetical debate: Given the proof to be had in 1615, which planetary method (Ptolemaic, Copernican, Tychonic, etc.) was once so much deserving of support?
Beginning with an introductory bankruptcy on celestial motions, Dr. Crowe proceeds to a dialogue of Greek astronomy ahead of Ptolemy, mathematical innovations utilized by old astronomers, the Ptolemaic method, the Copernican and Tychonic structures, and the contributions of Kepler and Galileo. In an epilogue, charges from writers, philosophers, and scientists demonstrate the influence of Copernican suggestion on their paintings. simply in the succeed in of someone with a history in highschool arithmetic, this soaking up learn deals a valid advent to our sun procedure and a chance to relive some of the most momentous sessions in highbrow history.

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