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By James Evans

The background and perform of historical Astronomy combines new scholarship with hands-on technological know-how to convey readers into direct touch with the paintings of historical astronomers. whereas tracing principles from historic Babylon to sixteenth-century Europe, the booklet areas its maximum emphasis at the Greek interval, while astronomers built the geometric and philosophical principles that experience made up our minds the following personality of Western astronomy. the writer methods this background in the course of the concrete information of historic astronomical perform. conscientiously prepared and generously illustrated, the publication can train readers the right way to do genuine astronomy utilizing the equipment of historical astronomers. for instance, readers will learn how to expect the subsequent retrograde movement of Jupiter utilizing both the arithmetical equipment of the Babylonians or the geometric tools of Ptolemy. they're going to the right way to use an astrolabe and the way to layout sundials utilizing Greek and Roman options. The ebook additionally includes supplementary workouts and styles for making a few operating astronomical tools, together with an astrolabe and an equatorium. greater than a presentation of astronomical equipment, the publication offers a serious examine the proof used to reconstruct old astronomy. It comprises wide excerpts from historical texts, meticulous documentation, and energetic discussions of the position of astronomy within the a number of cultures. available to a large viewers, this ebook will entice somebody drawn to how our figuring out of our position within the universe has replaced and built, from precedent days throughout the Renaissance.

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