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A funny story publication, actually tasteless humor. fairly should still offend everybody


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Why do you askT' The husband. nonetheless involved, stated, "Because you moved. " *** PREPPIES- an acronym for Petulance. actual property, own estate. Incest, Ennui, and Socials. 18 what is an orgasm to a Preppie girl?. popping out. *** what is the very first thing Preppie boys are tau g ht at ex clusive boarding faculties? do not bend over and decide up the cleaning soap. * * * Why did the vi rgin Preppie boy make a very good social employee? He had loads of perform shaking fingers with the un hired. ** * Preppie boys glance out for each other. If one is hor big apple. his pals are chuffed to have the same opinion . *** Preppie ladies are placed out to take it within the mu ff. Jr's unh ea rd of for th em to take it within the duff. *** How did th e Preppie ex undeniable his common masturbatio n? Ex tenuatin g situations. . * ** Wh at did th e Preppie boy ask his frie nd whom he th o ught had stolen his sneakers? · Whose top-siders are yo u on. anyway'? 19 Preppies discover ways to deal with the kin fortunes at hoarding .. hools. *** What do Preppi es have in universal with the Pharaohs of old Egypt? Mummies. *** Preppie moms frequently locate their so ns a re ha rd on them. *** the place do Preppies pass on their day off? Ateo holies nameless. *** Did vou pay attention concerning the Preppie lady who would not e re\~ in mattress simply because she didn't wish to clutter up her II\ mg room and bar'l * * * A Preppie lady, evidently hung over. enters her local liquor shop a nd asks the owner. "Did I ' r finish fift y funds in the following on my approach domestic final ni gh t'? " -why. certain. you did," the professional prietor tells her. -oh , good," the Preppie says. mu ch relie,·cd . "I concept I had misplaced it. " * • * Then there has been the Preppie who tri ed to persuade hello s d oct or that his whacking wrist was once rea lly tenn is elbow. 21 20 What · do • ou "all "' a p rep ·1 P e with lo ng I cks'? H a1r-apparent · ** D'd I you listen concerning the p . mu h he wore her ~ repp•e spouse wh her husband' rainy doul-weather apparatus to beo hated ~ex reams'! d beeau e oro .. . hat' it known as while a . . Preppie throw or a couple of blue . Off the cuff. Jean ? away hello chin ••• Th WeeJ'name un . of a Preppi woman who' a idler · • · penn) • Then cau there e the be • a the p repple · who gave up hello Joare,.. have been t o bJg a ta el. l " ••• What' . a well-dressed p p Arepp1e ? repple who provides head to different seersucker peer ucker. ••• How doe a Pre pp1e . donning a tuxedo butt-fud: h date? Cum-her-bun. • an ioforrnaliY dre ed Prepp•e male? \ h3t bl. ler as gap. ••• attractive Preppies who draped Dld you listen approximately th. e i ter ' girlfriends'? . . . You ve zero -. er all the1r tbCITl l , '" Brook~ Brother . non. ••• Hll~ did the Preppie lady recognize her date was once a fraud? He suggestion Pappagallo wa the granddaddy of wine. ••• What occurred while the we\1-dre ed Preppie dro\ e rnto the farmer' box fre hello coated w•th manure and pun hello wheel ? A car-digging in hit-land. ll'll exp\am that one: A cardigan 111 _ hetland you get 1t? Signed . • 1dne)' ow do p1te ••• \\h} did the Preppie wear a rubber? Becau e he wa ob erving Cunt-etiquette. (A geograph)' · · 1gned - .. p1te) in "' • * Why do Pr~ppie boy \ike Mi y quite a bit?

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