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By Grace Dent

The divine Shiraz Bailey wooden is again during this hilarious sequel to Diva and not using a reason to enlighten us together with her signature model of madcap humor on her demented, wonderful existence within the gritty suburbs of London.

whilst sixteen-year-old Shiraz Bailey Wood's year-end attempt effects are available, she's astonished to find not just that she handed all of them, yet that she's truly smart! Emboldened through an invitation to higher-level periods, Shiraz enrolls in Superchav Academy's "Center of Excellence" to get even brainier.

placing with goody-two- footwear varieties in higher-level periods feels like simply the price ticket to prevent getting caught endlessly in her crap fatherland. yet Shiraz has to determine for herself: are those posh varieties relatively any larger than she, or do they simply are looking to stick their noses up at everyone?

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