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By Julius Alvin

Synopsis from Amazon: a suite of means out humor, superstar jabs, and outrageous putdowns.

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Africa," the parrot answered. what is invisible and scents like worms? A fowl fart. a huge black man walks right into a bar within the South with an alligator on a le~h. He walks as much as the bar, glares at every body, then asks, "You serve ruggers in the following? " The bartender stated, "Yes, we do. " The black man acknowledged, "Good. Then get me a double whiskey. And fetch a nigger for my alligator. " sixty eight f'AfNI·UUY OROSS JOKES Why do crabs have circles below their eyes? From snoozing in snatches . how are you going to make a snail quickly? I' do not feed it. A mouse used to be working throughout the fields while a hawk swooped down and swallowed him complete. The hawk soared up into the sky because the mouse frantically burrowed its means via its digestive tract. ultimately, the mouse peeked out of the hawk's asshole, in simple terms to determine that the chicken was once hovering above the clouds. He requested the fowl, "How excessive are we? " "Over 3,000 feet," answered the hawk . "You would not shit me? " the mouse acknowledged. sixty nine JULIUS ALV IN How do you are making a cat sound like a puppy? Douse it with fuel, gentle a fit, and it is going "WOOF! " when you locate H 20 inside of a fireplace hydrant, what do you discover outdoors? K9P. " the place does a bee retain his stinger at evening? In his hooey. 70 PAINFULLY GROSS JOKES what's an ideal shepherd's dinner? 3 cocktails and a section of ewe. A motorist was once riding down a rural street whilst his automobile smashed right into a sheep. The farmer who owned the animal begun ranting and raving. To calm him down, the motorist acknowledged, "I'd be completely happy to switch the sheep. " The farmer glared. "Okay. Drop these trousers and grease up your asshole, 'cause the following I come. " seventy one Chapter 4: Gross gay Jokes Did you pay attention the good news that the variety of new situations of AIDS dropped dramatically in San Francisco? 1\ll the gays are lifeless. " how are you going to inform a boxer's homosexual? ahead of he places on his gloves, he is going out to shop for a handbag and footwear to compare. seventy two PAINFULLY GROSS JOKES What do you name it while gays faU in love? Moonstruck. If a heterosexual man has a reflected ceiling, what does a homosexual man have? A rearview replicate. I' what is the distinction among a directly man and a homosexual? A immediately man is attempting to get forward whlle a homosexual is making an attempt to get behinds. Why do gays lie approximately having AIDS? The ends justify the capacity. seventy three JULIUS ALVIN e Polacks have been headed into city overdue one evening. As they approached a streetlight, one checked out the opposite, then stated, "What's that enormous bulge on your pants? " the second one Polack spoke back "It's there as the purely position we will be able to get a drink this time of evening is the homosexual bar. " "So what does that experience to do with the bulge? " the 1st Polack stated, "I crammed hand grenades in there. First queer that attempts to think me up will get his palms blown off. " how are you going to inform your barber is homosexual? He spends 20 mins fussing together with your half. whilst does a homosexual mathematician be aware of he is in difficulty? while his lover's half is greater than his gap. seventy four I'AINtlJUY OROSS JOKES Why goes to the rest room in a film theater like going to the lavatory in a homosexual bar? ln either circumstances, you always discover your seat has been taken.

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