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By Rob Shelsky

UFOs, historical extraterrestrial beings, Alien Abductions, “2012”—what does all of it suggest? Is any of it actual? Are extraterrestrial beings our "friends"…or now not? "Darker part Of The Moon “They” Are observing Us!" takes a wholly new method of those questions. utilizing the robust precept of Occam’s Razor, a well known device utilized by scientists across the world, the authors observe this similar strategy to the above issues. In so doing, they come at a few startling and annoying conclusions. What's extra, utilizing considered one of NASA’s personal commissioned studies, they take all of it one step extra, selling a daunting inspiration, that we're being watched and more... this can be a varied form of alien ship booklet, person who makes use of scientists personal how you can end up compelling issues. For readers, the conclusions might suggest they by no means particularly examine the realm within the similar approach back. and likewise not like past books, Darker facet Of The Moon "They" Are gazing Us! is an in-depth examine how scientists and ufologists range of their ways to UFOs. The authors speak about what fairly constitutes proof, why do scientists insist upon a "preponderance of evidence” for UFOs and so forth, yet no longer for different matters? while scientists claim that "extraordinary claims require impressive evidence," simply what does that actually suggest? The authors resolution those questions after which continue in a step by step, systematic technique to construct an enormous case for his or her theories. by way of sighting UFOs, the authors have a few powerful recommendation! Out of warning, it may well simply be clever for us all to take it. in case you have an curiosity in UFOs, extraterrestrial beings, alien abductions, old extraterrestrial beings, or even what may well ensue in December of 2012, you then may still learn this publication.

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We've got unusual puffs of vapor, clouds, nebulas, crimson and violet hazes, in addition to mists, and extra the place there is not any surroundings. we have now “starlike” gadgets that seem and disappear, a few repeating over the centuries in sure destinations and for days at a time, and a few simply blinking and pulsing away. different sightings look, besides, and all around the face of the Moon, possible showing at random. we've got streaks of sunshine the place there will be none. We even have “beams,” “lightning,” unusual “tracks,” and lots of different phenomena, and all this over a interval of centuries, and with many of the sightings made by way of the pinnacle scientists in their day! they're actual adequate, as all these scientists suggested. There will be absolute confidence in their validity. yet simply what are they? One has to invite, is the Moon a useless international in spite of everything? Or is “someone” there, as now we have concluded? sure, “someone” certainly, is inflicting the various saw phenomena, is our emphatic resolution. nonetheless now not confident? good, let’s attempt an easy comparability to anything we do understand the reply to and whatever similar to this challenge in nature. for instance, let’s use it on this: say you're looking on the newly came across Earth from an orbiting house send. you're an alien flying over a piece of the planet that’s in overall evening. You notice a myriad of twinkling and blinking lighting at the planet’s floor. additionally, your gear is nice adequate to teach they don’t stay lit in the course of sunlight hours, basically at evening! And this happens again and again. What a secret! so that you start methodically to aim to use each normal phenomenon you recognize that may account for this set of specific observations. Is it bioluminescence on a grand scale? No, it can’t be that, as the spectrum research indicates it’s now not. you are attempting different factors. finally, none suits, at the least no longer approximately good adequate. What’s left? the method of removal leaves you with solutions: 1. both thoroughly unknown and weird bits of technology are at paintings right here (rather not likely, given your race’s present excessive point of medical understanding), or 2. “Someone” is popping these lighting off and on and so is liable for their life. the main of Occam’s Razor could say it truly is “someone,” instead of “some ordinary thing,” as the moment resolution is a presently recognized rationalization, and a miles less complicated one than attempting to contrive a few bizarre new science(s) to respond to the matter. Why take this kind of advanced method while the easier one suffices and is one of the right one? that's, a person is controlling the lighting fixtures. good, this instance is especially very similar to what we're seeing at the Moon. So we needs to follow Occam’s Razor to those phenomena within the similar method. And simply as we did with the lighting on the earth, we get a similar end result. as a result, no “natural” rationalization or perhaps a number of such “natural” causes we all know of can account for most of these issues satisfactorily and with an analogous ease and ease as simply that another and “simpler” clarification; back, “someone” is inflicting a lot of them.

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