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For old and young alike—eight fascinating stories choked with whimsy, allure and magic: "The destiny of the youngsters of Lir," "The Shepherd of Middvai," "Beth Gellert," "The story of Ivan," "Morraha," "The tale of Deirdre," "The Llanfabon Changeling," and "The Sea-Maiden." Reset in huge, easy-to-read variety.

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Box OF BOLIAUNS. resource. —T. Crofton Croker's Fairy Legends of the South of eire, ed. Wright, pp. 135-9. within the unique the gnome is a Cluricaune, yet as a pal of Mr. Batten's has lately heard the story instructed of a Lepracaun, i've got followed the higher identified name. feedback. —Lepracaun is from the Irish leith bhrogan, the one-shoemaker (cf. brogue), in line with Dr. Hyde. he's usually noticeable (and to this present day, too) operating at a unmarried shoe, cf. Croker's tale "Little Shoe," l. c. pp. 142-4. in accordance with a author within the Revue Celtique, i. 256, the real etymology is luchor pan, "little guy. " Dr. Joyce additionally supplies an identical etymology in Irish Names and locations, i. 183, the place he mentions a number of locations named after them. IV. HORNED girls. resource. —Lady Wilde's old Legends, the 1st tale. Parallels. —A comparable model was once given via Mr. D. Fitzgerald within the Revue Celtique, iv. 181, yet with no the numerous and bold horns. He refers to Cornhill for February 1877, and to Campbell's "Sauntraigh" No. xxii. Pop. stories, ii. fifty two four, during which a "woman of peace" (a fairy) borrows a woman's kettle and returns it with flesh in it, yet ultimately the lady refuses, and is persecuted through the fairy. I fail to spot a lot analogy. a far nearer one is in Campbell, ii. p. sixty three, the place fairies are removed through shouting "Dunveilg is on fireplace. " The accepted "lady-bird, lady-bird, fly away domestic, your home is on hearth and your kids at home," will happen to English minds. one other model in Kennedy's mythical Fictions, p. 164, "Black Stairs on hearth. " comments. —Slievenamon is a recognized fairy palace in Tipperary in keeping with Dr. Joyce, l. c. i. 178. It used to be the hill on which Finn stood while he gave himself because the prize to the Irish maiden who may still run up it fastest. Grainne received him with dire effects, as the entire global is familiar with or should comprehend (Kennedy, Legend Fict. , 222, "How Fion chosen a Wife"). V. CONAL YELLOWCLAW. resource. —Campbell, Pop. stories of West Highlands, No. v. pp. 105-8, "Conall Cra Bhuidhe. " i've got softened the 3rd episode, that is a little too ghastly within the unique. i've got translated "Cra Bhuide" Yellowclaw at the energy of Campbell's etymology, l. c. p. 158. Parallels. —Campbell's vi. and vii. are versions displaying how common the tale is in Gaelic Scotland. It happens in eire the place it's been revealed within the chapbook, Hibernian stories, because the "Black Thief and the Knight of the Glen," the Black Thief being Conall, and the knight such as the King of Lochlan (it is given in Mr. Lang's purple Fairy Book). the following it attracted the attention of Thackeray, who supplies a great summary of it in his Irish Sketch-Book, ch. xvi. He thinks it "worthy of the Arabian Nights, as wild and bizarre as an japanese story. " "That fantastical method of bearing testimony to the former story by way of generating an outdated lady who says the story isn't just actual, yet who was once the very previous lady who lived within the giant's citadel is nearly" (why "almost," Mr. Thackeray? ) "a stroke of genius. " The incident of the giant's breath happens within the tale of Koisha Kayn, MacInnes' stories, i.

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